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Brief introduction

ROGGE-LIBES European countries, the company is currently scheduled for the two tool manufacturers, the pursuit of perfection is its tradition, began marching to the European fashion scene in 2007, to try to develop a fully automated computer knitting machine knitting needles, after years of research and innovation so each part of the needles have reached the best shape, with the most perfect features.

In 2013 ROGGE-LIBES large number of companies sell to Europe and the United States and other places, in 2014 also extended to Greater China, hoping to follow some of the traditional needles brand competition.




Successfully new steel surface processing technology upgrade to the practical level. The company of the alloy plating of nickel, chromium and other materials and then subjected to heat treatment in order to completely decompose the plating layer, the surface to form a diffusion alloy thin film of a thickness of 10 to 100 microns, so that an inexpensive general steel can be comparable with the high heat-resistant material corrosion, high temperature oxidation resistance and other characteristics, and can subsequently slight bending, pressing, welding, grinding process, but also can adjust the hardness of the material, uses a wide range.

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