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This site specializes in accessories Germany STOLL (Stoll) computerized flat knitting machine, searching through the introduction of multi-national local and imported original parts, so that the customer can make long-term high-quality machine state, operating 24 hours endlessly to achieve yield stability, this site also knitting machine parts produced in China, the price is also quite interesting to meet various customer needs, reduce costs costs,

This site also has a second-hand computers second-hand accessories and machines to the customer to inspect and purchase information, although it is second-hand area, but by this website skill after detecting foreign sale, second-hand computers second-hand accessories and machines also provide free warranty period after the sale , greatly reducing the customer's worries,

Within the website also provides technology sharing area, to provide some technical experience to share with you,

Thank valued customers browsing and support again, views and queries at any time if we can find a business contact manager.